(frequently asked questions)

How long until I receive my jewelry?

Due to the high volume of orders, and limited creation time- please allow up to 7-21 days for creation time until your jewelry is sent out to you.  

How can I track my package?

A confirmation text is sent via email or number after placing your order. You will then receive a tracking number when your order is ready to ship via email or phone number. 

Order Cancelation & Returns?

Unfortunately, Spiral Temple is unable to offer returns, refunds, or exchanges.. This prevents confusion in the creation process because the creation process has begun the moment the order is placed. 

What if I put in the wrong shipping address?

Please contact spiraltemple3@gmail.com within 3 days if you've submitted the wrong shipping address or information with your order. Spiral Temple is not responsible if you haven't reached out about an address change by the time the order has been sent out. 

What if my package is lost in transit?

In the unlikely event that a package has been paused in transit, contact spiraltemple3@gmail.com  with your order number, and we will try our best to accommodate the issue. Please keep in mind, Spiral Temple is not responsible for deliveries affected by natural occurrences, delays, incorrect shipping address, and ground transportation strikes. 

My jewelry arrived damaged, what should I do?

Please contact spiraltemple3@gmail.com within 48 hours of recieving your order with your order number, and photos of damage. We will do our best to accommodate and replace any issues/damage.

How do I activate, cleanse or charge my crystals/jewelry?

 When cleansing, and activating your jewelry and crystals, Spiral Temple suggests many different things depending on what you find yourself attracted to. 

  • Nature- Sunlight, Moonlight, Grounding, Rain & Beach Water, and Soil.
  • Element of Fire- Incense, Candle Light, Sage, Palo Santo with your intention.
  • Larger Crystals- Crystals like Selenite, and Satin Spar are known to cleanse and charge other crystals, and pieces.
  • Sounds- Your speaking/singing intention, Specific Frequencies, Singing Bowls, and Music.
  • Intention- Setting the intention (visualization) to activate, cleanse, and charge your new piece. 

How can I take care for my jewelry?

Jewelry comes with a care card, and cleaning cloth with clear instructions for caring for your new pieces. Certain pieces should not interfere with consistent moisture, oils, or perfumes. Do not aggressively pull and tug on jewelry, and avoid harsh care with it. Store neatly in a cool place (given velvet pouch) when not worn, and treat it with care and love- it'll reflect onto you!

I am interested in applying for a brand model, how can I apply?

Contact spiraltemple3@gmail.com with inquiries in becoming a brand model/ambassadors. Be sure to list name, region, social media handles, photos along with your inquiry.