My name is Nada, and I was 16 years old when I decided to create my own business. My intentions was never to just start a business just for success- I intended to create an impact, & to create connections. 
     I love jewelry, and I find myself to be heavily attracted on crystals, healing divination and all types of extra accessory. I began making pieces of jewelry for myself- waist beads, necklaces, and bracelets. One day, I decided to shift my previous business and begin a new chapter- I changed my juicing name from Juicing Central to Spiral Temple. Collabing the two was super beneficial, I was able to sell raw juices locally, and also bring in my handmade jewelry creations into form for people all around the world. 
     The ultimate goal at Spiral Temple is connection- for people to see these creations and feel for something that calls out to them- a piece that truly speaks to them. Each piece is entirely unique and handmade, not identical to any piece. As I make new pieces, I allow new ideas to come through surronding new patterns, color waves, and combining different crystals for real healing. I am always sure to cleanse and charge new pieces- through moonlight, sunlight, fire/smoke accessory (incense & candles), singing bowls (frequencies and tunes), grounding, & rain water.
     I'm truly very excited to share my creativity and love within Spiral Temple. All support & love is genuinely heart felt, and appreciated- none of this could've been remotely possible without the loving hearts of you all.