Red Leopard Skin Jasper Necklace

Red Leopard Skin Jasper Necklace

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Gorgeous choker/necklace with patterns of Red Leopard Skin Jasper stone chips, Black Obsidian Crystals, and Crown Chakra pendent.

RED LEOPARD SKIN JASPER- helps in self healing, and self discovery for personal growth. Its extremely powerful in grounding, stability, and protection. It can also bring creativity into mind, and will power. 

BLACK OBSIDIAN- highly protective, absorbs negative energy so cleanse often! Strong grounding stone, and psychic connection.

The Crown Chakra is widely known for it being the seventh chakra, and its placement on the center of the top of the head. It is also known for its long list of powerful qualities like consciousness, alignment, & knowingness. A person has known when their Crown Chakra has been activated when they've found their soul's purpose. The Crown Chakra supports that we are all connected through love, and we are in control of our mind. 

Silver locks and clasps. Fits as loose choker/short necklace.
Please keep in mind that each necklace has slight variations in appearance within color and complete shape (all crystals are unique). Each necklace is handmade, and unique in its own way.
Please allow up to 7-18 business days for jewelry creations to be completed and sent out.