Activation Chakra Earrings
Activation Chakra Earrings
Activation Chakra Earrings

Activation Chakra Earrings

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Beautiful earring set with 9 crystals for the 7 main chakras with Opalite and Clear Quartz to clear and cleanse. Crown Chakra silver dangling charm at the end of the earrings to embrace & embody.

FLAME JASPER (Root)- Root chakra clearing, and healing- being the root of physical and spiritual energy in the body. 

ORANGE QUARTZITE (Sacral)-  Boosts concentration, and focus. Encourages manifesting, and reaching goals.

CITRINE (Solar Plexus)- Releases unwanted emotions, fears, and negative traits. 

GREEN AVENTURINE (Heart)- Promotes peace, creativity, and calms the mind. Brings in abundance, and prosperity. 

BLUE TURQUOISE  (Throat)- Compassion in self, releasing regrets and forgiving self. Brings in spiritual protection, and shows clearer purpose in life.

LAPIS LAZULI (Third Eye) Enlightment, increases intuition, open communication, and good for dream work.

AMETHYST (Crown)- Enhances spirituality, meditation, and intuition. Extremely protective.

OPALITE & CLEAR QUARTZ- Both extremely cleansing crystals. It is used for support in times of transitions. Can bring success in business, new ideas and creativity to flow. In meditation, it can enhance psychic abilities and bring visions.

The Crown Chakra is widely known for it being the seventh chakra, and its placement on the center of the top of the head. It is also known for its long list of powerful qualities like consciousness, alignment, & knowingness. A person has known when their Crown Chakra has been activated when they've found their soul's purpose. The Crown Chakra supports that we are all connected through love, and we are in control of our mind. 

꩜ Please keep in mind that all earrings has slight variations in appearance within color and complete shape (all crystals are unique). Earrings is handmade, and unique in its own way.
Please allow up to 7-18 business days for jewelry creations to be completed and sent out.


Activation Chakra Earrings